Oracle Articles and White Papers

By Hervé Deschamps, Oracle Corporation.


Over the years I have been writing a few articles and utilities. Some of them were published in the professional press. I do all this in my copious "spare" time so I hope that you will forgive me for the imperfections. When you find any area that could use improvements please mention it to me - I always appreciate the feedback. Also, the further down the list you go the older the article. I always keep the old version because there are still people out there using Designer 1.3.2.! So when I get around to doing it I produce a new version that works with the new versions of our development tools.

Also, just about any problem can be resolved in several ways. With time I learn new techniques. I could go back to all my previous articles and update them with the latest cools stuff I find. I do it sometimes, when I have nothing else to do. But here again, I do this in my spare time so I often chose to keep moving forward instead of spending time maintaining my previous writings. An excellent example of this is the web page that refreshes itself. The first time I came across this challenge I resolved it in JavaScript with a timer. Later I found out about the refresh meta tag...

Table of Contents

Using Oracle Applications Flexfields in your custom forms: step-by-step. - June 2003.
Portal 3.0: Moving Folders Across Content Areas with its API - February 2001.
Migrate Web Site Content in Portal 3.0. with its API - January 2001.
Creating a Hierarchical List of Value component in Portal for folders - December 2000.
Paging People with Oracle 8i out of the Box - Oracle Internals, December 2000.
<blink> tag in HTML is BAD! - March 2000
Web Application Performance: Black Magic Tuning Prohibited. - March 2000
Useful Prompt in SQL*Plus - March 2000
Web Generate Record Cloning with Designer 2.1.2 and 6.0 - Part 2. - Oracle Professional, Dec 1999.
Web Generate Mass Updates with Designer - Oracle Update, November 1999.
Web Generate Record Cloning with Designer 2.1.2 and 6.0 - Part 1. - Oracle Professional, Nov 1999.
Web Generate Auto-Refresh Pages with Designer - August 1999.
Performance Tip: Case Insensitive Queries - July 1999.
Web Development: Date Validation with JavaScript - June 1999.
Basic Oracle Application Performance Tuning - July 1999.
Designer 2.1.2: Web Generate those Titles. - Select, October 1999.
Web Generate Powerful Navigation with Designer 2.1.2. - Oracle Developer, June 1999.
Designer/2000 2.1.2. API: Enforcing Column Naming Standards. - Oracle Update, May 1999.
Designer/2000 2.1.2. QC API: List attributes with no maximum length specification. - Oracle Developer, March 1999.
Designer/2000 2.1.2. API: Fast Display Setting for Columns with Allowable Values. - February 1999.
Designer/2000 API: Providing View Column Display Properties. - Oracle Developer, February 1998.
Getting more out of Domains with Designer/2000. - Exploring Oracle, February 1998.
Generating 100% drilling with Designer/2000 - Exploring Oracle, December 1997. (Word 97 file)
Ordering by Lookup DCU using Designer/2000 - Exploring Oracle, June 1997.
Designer/2000 API: Jump Start a new application in Designer 2000. - Oracle Developer, December 1997.
Designer/2000 QA: Better than a matrix: Function Entity Usages Exceptions.
Designer/2000 QA: Ghost Relationships.
Designer/2000 API: Replacing CHAR with VARCHAR2.
Designer/2000 API: Creating First Cut Domains for all Attributes.
Designer/2000 API: Retrofitting DCU Display Properties.

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